ER-301/Deadband Filter

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  • Filter out small amplitude noise from a larger amplitude but slower signal.
  • Removing quantization noise that results from noisy ADC.
  • Ratchet controller inputs to remove shaky movement.


This unit uses hysteresis to create a moving dead zone around the last output value. As long as the input does not leave this dead zone, the output will not change. However, as soon the input crosses either boundary of the dead zone, the output is updated to the new input value and the dead zone is re-centered. The width of the dead zone (the technical term is deadband) is set as twice the value of the threshold parameter.

For further details on deadbands, see [Deadband on Wikipedia].
For further details on hysteresis, see [Hysteresis on Wikipedia].



Control Type Has Sub-chain? Sub-chain Parameters Fader Scale
Gain/Bias yes gain (-10 to 10)

bias (-1 to 1)


The distance between the current output value and the input must exceed this threshold in order for the output to be updated. Smaller threshold values means less movement is needed before the output updates, thus the output will track the input closer.