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This is a 3-band equalizer with controls for the gain of each band (low, mid, high) and controls for the center frequency of the two outer bands (low, high). You can also think of this equalizer as a 3-band exponential VCA since each frequency band's gain is modulate-able. The equalizer is constructed from two 4-pole filters: a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter both acting on the input in parallel. Subtracting the outputs of the low-pass and high-pass filters from the original signal yields the mid band.



Control Type Has Sub-chain? Sub-chain Parameters Fader Scale
Gain/Bias yes gain (-10 to 10)

bias (-60dB to 12db)

logarithmic gain

These 3 parameters set the gain for each frequency band: low, mid, high.


Control Type Has Sub-chain? Fader Range Fader Scale
Simple Fader no 5 octaves above and below 440Hz frequency in Hertz

These 2 parameters set the cut-off frequency of the low and high bands.