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A collection of pithy patch recipes for the ER-301.

Audio Patches

Create a Kick Drum using the Ladder Filter

  1. Insert a Ladder Filter Unit with an ADSR envelope on the V/oct input
  2. After the Ladder Filter Unit insert a Linear VCA with an ADSR envelope inside
  3. Set both envelopes to have a short attack <10ms and a ~220ms release
  4. Set the resonance to maximum on the Ladder Filter Unit, turn the V/oct right down
  5. Trigger both envelopes at the same time from the same trigger source
  6. Adjust the settings to suit your requirements

CV patches

Create an Exponential or Logarithmic Envelope

  1. Create a global chain and name it something like 'Exp Env'.
  2. Inside the global chain create an ADSR Unit and assign your incoming gate signal to the input
  3. Assign the output of the global chain to the Attack(A) parameter and adjust the gain
  4. Repeat for each section of the envelope you wish to modify
  5. To use your envelope assign the output of your global chain anywhere in your patch

Clocked Random Gate

  1. Insert a Velvet Noise Unit, set the rate to something fairly low
  2. After the Velvet Noise, insert a Quantize to Clock Unit
  3. Feed the Quantize to Clock's clock with an internal or external clock source