ER-301/Replacing the CPU Board

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This is the CPU board on the back of the ER-301. It holds the CPU, RAM and uSD card which contains the firmware. This CPU board is manufactured by another company called Olimex.

Sometimes it is necessary to replace the CPU board on the ER-301. This process is easy and safe as long as you take your time, take basic anti-static precautions and do not force anything.

  1. Purchase a replacement CPU board (AM3352-SOM) from Olimex for about 37EUR:
  2. Remove the rear uSD from the old CPU board and insert it in the SD slot on the new CPU board.
  3. Carefully pull off the old CPU board by prying up each side little-by-little. Do NOT try to forcefully pull it off all at once.
  4. Carefully align the pins and push on the new CPU board.

Also, here is a very informal video showing how: