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CardOne is an archive of eclectic samples assembled by ER-301 users. Samples were either discovered from freely available sources on the internet, or created by the the users themselves with hardware/software that they own. To the best of our knowledge, we believe the samples to be free to use in any music production. You are not allowed to sell or otherwise redistribute the samples.

Most directories contain a PDF or TXT file that sites that source for the samples, as well as anything else the contributor wanted you to know. We recommend unzipping the archive to your SD card in the ER-301/samples directory.

Download Link

The following links to a shared folder on OneDrive. You should see a download button up at the top. Pressing the download button should download a zipped copy of the archive.

CardOne Download

Version History


  • CardOne download link updated to its new home on Google Drive.


  • No Budget Orch sample collection completed.


  • First release with contributions from Joe, mopoco, AtomicMurkin, bjlogic, and bparticle.
  • This includes a variety of samples including loops, synths, orchestral samples, drums, sound effects, and other oddities.