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ER-301/Neil's Getting Started Videos

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{{Pitfall|Videos 1 to 7 will look slightly different and some menus and parameters may be in different positions. Videos 8 and onward, the GUI aesthetic is firmed up all the way to current OS v0.2.23 stable. Signal flow concepts and unit usage are still the same.}}
== General Overview ==
== Creating a weird reverb ==
* firmware v0.2.4
* Using a Looper and Grains to create a weird Reverb Effect.
{{Pitfall|There is a potential for a feedback condition if you set the channel mixer >0db. So in ideal use you'd want the mixer section fully separate (see note in diagram).}}
{{Tip|Since v0.2.9+, the entire processing chain sitting on ch.2 can be realized within a Global Chain, keeping your channels clear for more immediate tasks.}}
== Karplus-Strong Fiddles ==
* firmware v0.2.9
* Using a Noise burst and a controlled feedback delay line to make some Karplus-Strong style sounds.
== Custom Units Again (PART 1) ==
* firmware v0.2.13
* I revisit Custom Units and their local controls.
== Custom Units Again (PART 2) ==
* firmware v0.2.13
* overview of an elaborate self-contained processing tool
* Recorder that updates a Grain Players Content
* Grains with linear and random playback mode, pitch control, pitch "Freeze"
* Grains duration control
* Trigger stutter selection with a flipflop control of that or regular mode.. Thanks to @Joe for the framework to make this work!!
* All recordable into a Looper with Dub and record control
* Mute control of both functions from the front panel of the unit.
== Creating a Harmonic Oscillator in a Custom Unit ==
* firmware v0.2.13
* overview of a self-contained harmonic oscillator with maybe one additional bonus
== Advanced Custom Unit Control ==
* firmware v0.2.13
* Going crazy with Custom controls and local routing
* Step Sequencer with various modes
* each step: Note memorizers, Release envelope, on/off state
* synced delay with wet/dry balance
* speed control
* patch volume control and mute
* Source either Sin or Looper fed Grains with freeze or sample scatter
== What is a Global Chain? ==
* firmware v0.2.20
== Doppler Effect ==
* firmware v0.2.20
== Copy/Cut/Paste/To Mixer Functions + Tap Tempo Fun ==
* firmware v0.2.21
== Using CV-Controlled Offset ==
* firmware v0.2.23

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