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ER-301/Front Panel

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ABCDx Input Matrix
These 12 inputs are all the same with the following properties:
* Responds to voltages between -10.24V 10V and +10.24V10V. Clips voltages outside of this range.
* Calibrated for accurate pitch tracking.
* Sampled at 60kHz using a 16-bit ADC with less than 1 LSB of error.
* Can be used to record hiqh-quality audio but you will experience aliasing if your audio contains substantial energy above 30kHz (e.g. pulse and saw waves from analog VCOs). Instead, use the IN1-IN4 inputs to digitize audio that may alias above 30kHz.
* The voltage at each input is digitized and mapped internally to a 32-bit floating-point value that is exactly 0.1x (1/10th) of the voltage value (i.e. 1V => 0.1, 10V => 1.0 and so on)
{{Tip|It helps to think of the internal values as being a percentage of full-scale. In other words, an internal value of 0.1 means 10% of full-scale. If you received a value of 0.1 from an external input that the original voltage was 10% of the full input range for that input. If you send a value of 0.1 to an external output (OUT1-4) than the amplitude will be 10% of the full-scale output range.}}
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