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ER-301/Teletype Connection Rev7

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The first few runs of the ER-301 did not have a dedicated i2c header. Instead users would perform a small hardware modification (described here) so that they could use the exposed UART header instead.
== Connecting the Teletype to the ER-301 ==
In a nutshell, i2c requires 2 communication lines (SCL and SDA) plus 1 ground line. So there are 3 pins on the Teletype that need to be connected with a custom cable to 3 pins on the ER-301.
{{Pitfall|Since these connection pins were originally meant for UART communication you will need to perform a simple hardware modification to your ER-301 in order to enable i2c communication. Please refer to the '''I2C Mod''' section below for further instructions.}}
There are 5 pins extending parallel from underneath the ER-301 CPU board. You will only be using the top 3. You can also see that the 5 pins are labeled on the ER-301 silkscreen as TX, RX, GND, GND, and 5V. Connect like this:
* Teletype GND to ER-301 GND.
* Teletype SCL to ER-301 TX.
* Teletype SDA to ER-301 RX.
== Required Hardware Modification ==
{{Pitfall|If your ER-301 board revision is revision 10 or later then this modification is NOT necessary.}}

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