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=== input ===
A trigger at the unit input causes the counter to increment (or decrement) by the '''step''' value.
=== reset ===
A trigger received here causes the counter to return to the '''start''' value.
=== start ===
{{GainBias|bias (0 to 256)
gain (-10 to 10)|integer}}
The output value starts here and also returns to this value when the unit is reset.
=== step ===
{{GainBias|bias (-32 to 32)
gain (-10 to 10)|integer}}
The amount by which the output value should change when a trigger is received at the (unit) input.
=== finish ===
{{GainBias|bias (1 to 256)
gain (-10 to 10)|integer}}
Depending on the '''Wrap?''' setting, the unit will count up to this value and stop or wrap around to the '''start''' value.
=== gain ===
{{GainBias|bias (-10 to 10)
gain (-10 to 10)|linear}}
Scale the output by this amount.

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