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ER-301/Front Panel

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Channel Buttons
== Channel Buttons ==
Pressing a Channel button (while in User mode) focuses the corresponding channel. The currently focused channel is indicated by one of the orange LEDs next to each Channel button. This will also focus the processing output chain associated with the selected channelwhen in edit mode. If the processing output chain is mono (i.e. the focused channel is not linked with another channel) then this is the only way to focus that chain. Otherwise, if the processing chain is stereo (which means the focused channel is linked with a neighboring channel) then pressing either Channel button will show the same processing chain. However, any scope displays Any scopes or meters in the focused chain's GUI will display only the focused channel's signal even in (particularly relevant for a stereo chain).
AlsoWhen choosing a local source, selections in the scope view will choose you can specify the side of a stereo pair that corresponds to by focusing the focused corresponding channelbefore you make your selection.
[[File:er-301-channel-buttons.png|thumb|There are 4 channel buttons, one for each output channel.]]

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