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ER-301/Front Panel

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Storage Switch
# Ejecting and mounting the SD card.
The ER-301 will attempt to eject the SD card when you move this switch in to the '''eject''' position. This will succeed only if no process is using the card. In this case, the card is dismounted unmounted and the '''safe''' LED will light. If there are files that are still actively being accessed then the card will not be ejected unmounted and instead a screen is shown that lists the current files in use. In this case, the ER-301 will continue attempting to eject the card while the switch is in the '''eject''' position. Once all the files blocking the ejection are closed, the ER-301 will be able to successfully eject unmount the card.
The opposite process, mounting an SD card, is achieved by moving the STORAGE switch out of the eject position. If you inserted the SD card while the STORAGE switch was in the '''user''' or '''admin''' position, then you will have to switch to the '''eject''' position first and then switch back out in order to mount the card.

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