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Feature Requests
{{Tip|The majority of the requests listed here were compiled from requests made by users over at the [ forum].}}
* CONFIG.INI parameter to set trigger duration (currently 0.5ms) when note repeat is enabled on a step. ([ Next up ===odevices thread])
* CONFIG.INI parameter to set reset slop time (current default is 0.5ms) to account for sequencers that output signals later with respect to the clock. ([ thread])
=== Under consideration ===
* Quantize settings for alter record modes
* Human-readable snapshots
* Ability to save 4 MIDI files from one snapshot (1 per track).
* Turn encoder while holding ROTATE, rotates more than one step.
* Improve SD speed.
* ROTATE voltage tables.
* Update manual with MIDI import specifics (how a MIDI notes are mapped to steps, etc.)
* CONFIG.INI option: specify scroll order of the transform operations as well as default focus.
* Display last loaded or saved snapshot.
* More CONFIG.INI options (advance, passthrough) for gate inputs D-1 and D-2 when step recording. (see [ thread])
* A special track for sequencing parts
* CONFIG.INI option: set length or disable the LAST STEP message
* A MATH op to move the boundary between steps.
* Option to hold CV (prevent from changing) while the track output gate is low.
* CONFIG.INI option: Make the INSERT action (before, split, after) sticky.

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