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[[=== SYNC message on startup]]===
If you get this message on the ER-102, then here is a checklist:
1. # Check that the ER-101 is powering on. If properly powering up, the ER-101 will always perform an up/down sweep of the digit displays and then display the firmware version, regardless of whether it it conected to the ER-102. The usual culprit for an ER-101 not powering up is an incorrect setting of the 5V supply switch. Try setting it to REG.2. # Triple check that the orientation of the ER-101-to-ER-102 expansion cable is correct. The first page of the ER-102 manual has a detailed diagram for your reference.3. # If you get here, then it is highly likely that the ER-102 expansion cable was inadvertently plugged into the case power at some point and thus damaging the ER-102's ability to communicate with the ER-102. This requires a repair. Please contact me to setup that up.

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