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ER-301/Front Panel

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SD Card Slot
== SD Card Slot ==
The SD card slot on the front of the ER-301 is used to hold all of the data that belongs to the user such as samples and presets. {{note|There is an additional SD card slot on the back of the module but this one is reserved for system use (e.g. firmware and system settings) and does not need to be accessed by the user during regular use. See [[ER-301/RearSD_Card]] for more information.}} === Requirements ===* Accepts uSD cards.* Must be formatted as [ FAT32].* Up to 32GB.* Any [ speed class], but Class 10 (C10) and above is recommended. === Mounting and ejecting ===The STORAGE toggle switch next to the SD card slot can be used to safely eject and mount a card.  To mount a card: # Make sure the STORAGE switch is in the eject position and the safe LED is lit.# Insert the card.# Move the STORAGE switch from the eject position to either admin or user. To eject a card: # Move the STORAGE switch to the eject position.# If no files are actively being accessed, then the safe LED will light up and it is now safe to remove the card.# If files are actively being accessed, then the safe LED will NOT light up and you should NOT remove the card. A list of active files that are preventing the ejection will be displayeddetails.

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