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====My Awesome Unit====
|description=This is just a test of this template.
|author=[https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com/u/odevices Brian Clarkson]
|download=[https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com Forum]
|discussion=[https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com Forum]
|dependencies=[https://github.com/SuperNiCd/Accents Accents]
[https://forum.orthogonaldevices.com A .wav file]

will become this:

My Awesome Unit

This is just a test of this template.

Author Brian Clarkson
Download Forum
Discussion Forum
Firmware v0.4.xx
Format .unit
Uses Samples No
Dependencies Accents

A .wav file

CPU (48kHz, normal latency) 5%
This entry was last updated on 2019-03-29

Notes on what to enter in the Fields

Preferable if copy and pasted from the author's description on the forum

Author Please link to the author's profile page like this
Download Please format as titled link like this
Discussion Please format as titled link like this
Firmware Please enter the highest compatible firmware version
Format File extension, e.g. '.unit' or '.save'
Uses Samples Does the preset use samples? Answer with Yes or No, leave blank if unknown.
Dependencies Does this unit require any middle-layer bespoke units or audio files to operate? You can list more than one if necessary. Leave blank if none.
CPU (48kHz, normal latency) Make sure you don't have any other creatures running on the ER-301, then got to admin/CPU Load. Leave blank if unknown/untested.
Screenshot Take a screenshot anytime using SHIFT+CANCEL. Images are saved to the ER-301/sc/screenshots folder. Leave blank if none.
Demo Link to youtube, instagram, soundcloud, etc. Leave blank if none.
This entry was last updated on whatever date you hit save!

Blank entry for copy and paste purposes

|author=[url name]
|download=[url title]
|discussion=[url title]