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Here is everything you need to know to contribute well formed and consistent articles on the O|D wiki.

General Guidelines

You should refer to the full formatting guidelines from Media Wiki help and follow the conventions outlined there.

Generally any writing should be clear and unambiguous and be grammatically correct, free of spelling errors.

Page Status

You should make a note at the top of the page if it is incomplete or in development. probably need something more consistent here

ER-301 Specifics

Unit names should be Capitalised and made into wiki links like this Sine Osc

Parameter names should be lower-case as they appear in the UI.

Refer to specific panel UI elements using all-caps, for example: "Press UP. Move the STORAGE switch to the eject position."

Colour should be used to highlight buttons using Green for I/O, Blue for blue buttons, Grey for grey buttons, like this:

S1 A1 UP

Since there is only one knob on the ER-301, it doesn't need to be named thus no need to write in all-caps. "Use the knob to set the f0 parameter to the desired frequency."

Graphics and Illustrations

Work is underway to present a full set of graphics for use in creating diagrams.

At least two of us use Omnigraffle, so a custom Stencil Set will be produced and made available here.


The Math plugin is installed and working, so you can use TEX markup: Displaying a Formula

There is a full list of installed extensions.

Use Templates!

{{Tip|This is an example tip.}}

will result in:

This is an example tip.

{{Pitfall|This is an example pitfall.}}

will result in:

This is an example pitfall.