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=== Bugs ===
=== Bugs ===
* INSERT should not be allowed in FOLLOW mode (i.e. it should TILT).
* none at the moment
* Loading a blank snapshot will unpause the ER-101, put the display in edit mode, and yet the pause LED will still be lit.
* INSERT, MATH, and COPY modes are getting stuck.
=== Cosmetic bugs ===
=== Cosmetic bugs ===

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Reported but not confirmed crashes

  • None at the moment

Confirmed crashes

  • None at the moment


  • none at the moment

Cosmetic bugs

  • none

Feature Requests

The majority of the requests listed here were compiled from requests made by users over at the forum.

  • Allow MATH transforms to be applied to a COPY selection.
  • Copy CV-A indices to CV-B and vice versa.
  • MATH operation to move step boundaries.
  • HOLD mode > Lazy commit each track separately. (thread)