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  • In trigger mode, steps with duration of 1 do not produce changes in CV (thread).
  • Copy/pasting patterns (or more?) between snapshots is not reliable (thread)
  • CONFIG.INI > user-transition > Transitions configured to be triggered on track-{1,2,3,4} rewinding are not working properly. The bug is that the actual track used is off by 1 from the configured track. So for example, user-transition = track-1 will cause track #2 to be used and so on. (thread)

Feature Requests

The majority of the requests listed here were compiled from requests made by users over at the forum.

  • CONFIG.INI parameter to set trigger duration (currently 0.5ms) when note repeat is enabled on a step. (thread)
  • CONFIG.INI parameter to set reset slop time (current default is 0.5ms) to account for sequencers that output signals later with respect to the clock. (thread)
  • CONFIG.INI parameter to change the behavior of the track config of the note display's root note to also offset the output voltage by the same amount. (thread)
  • Allow copying of just the GROUP MODIFIER (thread)