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The Tool (ザ・道具)

You will need something to insert between the CPU board and the main board that will not scratch the PCB surface. My favorite is to wrap 5 wooden or bamboo skewers (the kind used for yakitori) with tape. You can also use a popsicle stick or a plastic tire lever. Do not use a screwdriver!



Step 1

Remove the rear SD card so that it does not get in the way and insert your lever in the gap between the CPU board and main board about 1-2cm. Slowly and gently pull up on the lever until you see a 1-2mm gap open in the connector.

そして、左辺(入れやすいほう)から道具をCPUボードと主ボードの間に1-2cmまで入れて、上に優しくゆっくり引きます。コネクターに1-2mmの隙間が開けてきたら、右辺に進んでください。 CPU-board-removal-step1.jpg

Step 2

Now do the same thing from the opposite side, opening the connector on this side just 1-2mm.

右辺から道具をCPUボードと主ボードの間に1-2cmまで入れて、上に優しくゆっくり引きます。1-2mmの隙間が開けてきたら、左辺に戻りさらに隙間を道具で空け、交互に徐々に上げていきます。 CPU-board-removal-step2.jpg

Repeat 1 & 2

Go back to the first side, and open the gap a little bit wider. Repeat these steps, switching back and forth, widening the gap a few millimeters at a time. Be patient.




At some point, the connectors will completely and safely disengage. Resist the temptation to pull on the CPU board with your hands!

手で引っ張らないでください。完全に外すまで、道具を使ってください。 CPU-board-removal-done.jpg