ER-301/Slew Limiter

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  • Pitch glide (portamento)
  • Rate control
  • Turn gates into ramps.


The purpose of this unit is to limit how fast a signal can change. However, this unit operates in a very different fashion from the typical (linear) low-pass filter. The slew limiter tries to track the incoming signal but never changing more than a given rate. This maximum rate-of-change is determined by the Slew Limiter's time parameter (see below).



Control Type Has Sub-chain? Sub-chain Parameters Fader Scale
Gain/Bias yes gain (-10 to 10)

bias (3ms to 1000s)

time in seconds

This time value is use to determine how long it takes for the output value to change by 1 (i.e. full-scale starting at zero). So if the time value were set to 100ms, and a 0-to-1 step signal were fed to the input of this unit, then output would be a ramp that reaches 1 exactly 100ms after the step signal reached 1.